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K Style Gutters

K-style gutters are without a doubt the best-known and most useful models to prevent water from damaging your home. One of the advantages of these gutters is that they retain a greater amount of water. Unlike other models used in the market, such as the rounded style, they can be extended like a seamless gutter and give a good appearance to the outskirts of your home.


The K-style gutters can be made of aluminum or copper, so they are resistant, have a long service life and bring ease of installation. Thanks to their flat back, the gutter hangers can be screwed directly to the roofline. You can also add a sheet protection system if you wish, apart from choosing the models between 5" to 6" with round downpipes up to 6”.

Box Gutters

Also known as internal gutters or parallel gutters, they are a group of gutters already incorporated in old houses. Repairs are easy and its durability is very long, giving the home clean lines. Its main feature is that they are part of the original roof structure, and are usually made of wood clad with copper, tin or stainless steel sheets, enabling a channel for water to access the downspout. Its size is commonly 1.5 feet, making unlikely to clog or overflow.

Stainless steel gutters are the lowest maintenance option.  Especially when compared to tin box gutters, which require cleaning thanks to rust and corrosion buildup, as well as needing to be painted every 5 years. We have a high-quality product that can make gutter repair simple.

Half-Round Gutters

Half-Round gutters, also called semicircular gutters, are widely used in both old and modern houses and buildings. Its structure can be seamless, made with aluminum or copper, also in steel sections with paint grip. These gutters are often the favorites of many people because they have an elegant style. It is possible to combine them with round 4” downspouts, install them with external supports or hidden hangers and a sheet protection system if you wish.


A small disadvantage of this gutter system is that they have less water retention capacity than other styles, but if they have good drainage thanks to the size of the gutter and the downspout, it should not present problems. You can contact us at any time to request a gutter installation service.

Seamless Gutters

The seamless gutters have the best anti-leak system, thanks to their seams on the covers, corners, and ends.

They are normally installed in residences and shops, with the help of miter screws and strips, even with

rivets if the corners are cut by hand.


Giving a more aesthetic appearance, it also ensures a great seal barely

visible in the corners. To the already known 5 ”and 6” half-round gutters, a seamless gutter system can be

added. With our aluminum products, you will not only get the highest quality, you will also be backed by a

20-year product warranty and a 5-year labor warranty.

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