Should gutters be removed in winter?

If your home is suffering from an ice buildup, the gutters will most likely need to be removed to alleviate the ice buildup. Ned Stevens has a lot of experience solving problems in building ice dams. If you are enrolled in one of our service plans, we will give you a discount on your ice reservoir service. If excess snow accumulates on the roof, a flood of water will flow down the gutters once it melts.

When the buildup becomes excessive, call a professional to remove it. This will keep the roof, gutters and siding in better condition. You should remove gutter protectors in winter if your home is susceptible to ice accumulations. Eliminating them will give you the time you need to resolve the underlying conditions that cause ice dams to form.

If you plan to replace the gutters in your home soon, you can count on the professional gutter specialists at Stevens Roofing in Norfolk, VA. By replacing your gutters during the winter months, you run the risk of damaging your new gutter system. Therefore, gutters will not be covered with ice and snow as long as they do not have gutter protectors. Clean gutters that are securely attached to the fascia can support the weight of the ice under normal conditions.

In general, spring is the ideal time to install new gutters, as the snow has melted and the gutters are usually free of debris, such as leaves. Winter cycles of frost and thaw cause gutters to age faster than you would expect, forcing you to consider replacing your gutters, even in the dead of winter. Your gutters may be covered with ice and your roof may be covered by a foot of snow, but even in those conditions, your friendly local roofing and gutter installer should be able to give you an idea of the costs, schedule and scope of work involved. Gutter protection doesn’t keep leaves and dirt out of the roof, but it does prevent gutters from being blocked.

Your gutters will generally be free of debris and you’ll be able to get an accurate assessment of which sections of the gutters need to be replaced and what areas can be repaired. You can also use this time to select the size, color and options of the gutter, such as Waterloov gutter protectors. For example, a gutter protector will reduce the amount of snow that falls into the gutter so that thermal protectors can melt the snow before it turns into compact ice. If your house is stuck in the clutches of winter, if there are accumulations of ice and heavy snow that fill the gutters and the edge of the roof, you may have to wait until early spring to completely change them.

To get a precise idea of when gutters can be replaced, nothing beats a visit to the local roofing and gutter installation service.

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