Why Cleaning Gutters Before Winter is Essential

As winter approaches, it's important to take the necessary steps to protect your home from the cold weather. One of the most important tasks is to clean your gutters before winter arrives. Clogged gutters can cause a variety of problems, from ice accumulations to mold and pest infestations. In this article, we'll explain why it's important to clean your gutters before winter and how it can help you avoid costly repairs.In many cases, clogged gutters are the direct cause of ice accumulations.

When water freezes in gutters because debris prevents drainage, it causes ice and snow that melt under the roof shingles to reach your home. This causes mold, leaks and water stains. During the fall, leaves build up and hold water in place.When winter comes, standing water will freeze, causing additional accumulation and further freezing, starting a cycle that becomes an inefficient and costly mess. An ice dam can form along the edge of a roof and prevent melted snow from running off.

Water and snow are heavy, and excess buildup puts additional pressure on gutters, causing them to fall or slip out of proper alignment. Cleaning the gutter before winter will help you prevent basements from filling up with water.It's also important to clean it, as it will eliminate the presence of mold in your home. Unfortunately, that can wreak a lot of havoc on your home, from structural and water damage to pest problems and more. And those problems will entail repair and replacement costs that can be easily avoided.

If you decide to clean your gutters after winter has arrived, you may run the risk of trying to clean them in icy and cold conditions which make it difficult to secure ladders and increase the chance of injury. If you detect structural damage or ice accumulations that are difficult to remove, you may be tempted to fix it yourself, but hiring a professional is much safer then.Cleaning gutters prevents weakening of the foundations of the house and insect attacks. In general terms, one of the best times to clean gutters is when the season changes from autumn to winter and the last leaves have fallen.When a gutter system isn't working properly, the water doesn't drain as it should. It basically freezes right in the gutter to form an ice dam.

If your gutters aren't working efficiently, water will overflow and damage this important component of your gutter system. We strongly recommend that you contact a gutter or roof repair company for a thorough review and proper maintenance of your gutter system. Once fall gives way to winter, the opportunity to safely clean gutters closes until spring.Gutter cleaning is one of the jobs that most people try to avoid as much as possible, but hiring the services of professionals can put you in a safe and comfortable place when the winter season arrives. Caps %26 Damper is here to tell you that cleaning your gutters shouldn't be at the bottom of your list and you'll be surprised to learn why.

Many people think that cleaning gutters is a small task that can be postponed and don't realize that it can prevent major problems from occurring in the future. Obstructed gutters cause damage to the roof. If gutters are clogged, they can spill water directly onto the roof every time it rains and cause the roof to rot at a very fast rate.

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